Presidential debacle

After taking some time to process the farce of a “debate” we saw Tuesday night, I think the American public saw exactly what is wrong with politics today. Instead of policy and actual debate we saw bullying and demagoguery. I yearn for real debate and discourse. I still firmly believe this can be brought back. … More Presidential debacle

Endorsement announcement

I’ve received word that MAPE has joined the growing league of Labor unions throwing their support behind me. I’m glad to have them and look forward to working alongside them as I have with their members employed at the correctional facility.

Endorsement announcement

It’s with great pleasure that I announce that Conservation Minnesota has decided to back this campaign. I have spent my entire life in the outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, and exploring. I am glad to stand with them as we continue the proud tradition of conservation in Minnesota.

Highway signs

Tomorrow morning we’ll be placing these DIY signs out along the highways in the district. Nothing beats the feeling of painting your last name on sheets of plywood with your family. Please join our family and community by donating and following this site and over in Facebook. Let your voice be heard. See our Facebook … More Highway signs