My main political concern is to stop the hateful and bullying rhetoric we see in the national spotlight that has begun infecting our state politics. I don’t care about anyone’s party. I care about what they stand for and what kind of character they have. I hope to show you the strength of my character and how moderation has played a massive role in my life.


We will increase or at the very least maintain the funding of our schools. Year after year we see elected officials balancing the budget by taking from our children’s education. That ends now.

I’ll work to expand access to high speed broadband internet. This is key in yet another year where we will see children having to learn from home. With many schools having hybrid class settings, our kids need to be able to reliably access the internet.

Cannabis and hemp

I want to join the other states we’ve seen legalize and regulate recreational marijuana. A Star Tribune put out the results of a poll that showed that the majority of Minnesotans support this move. Last year Colorado brought in over $20 billion in tax revenue from sales. This revenue could fund a great deal of vital programs and relieve some of our other tax burdens. From a correctional standpoint, we spend far too much on pursuing criminal charges and housing these individuals which we would save.

With this move we can also push for more hemp growth and use. Hemp provides a high yield of usable pulp. Much higher than wood for paper and cotton for clothing.

Public Lands and Hunting

I want to expand our public in the district into viable hunting land. If we bring more opportunities for waterfowl, upland bird, and small game hunters to the area we bring in more opportunities for revenue.

Town Halls

I will hold town halls in the district often and I will always respond to your concerns. Our elected officials too often are only visible in election years and then disappear when they no longer need our votes. Too many times have I heard that people try to contact their officials for help just to be ignored or given a non-answer explanation. We may not agree on every issue, but I’ll always talk to you about them. If elected, I’ll be here for you every day whether you voted for me or not.

Let’s build something together.