What we lost 19 years ago.

I found posting yesterday difficult. I thought I would post one of those “I miss 9/12” posts that have prevalent in recent years. But I’ve decided that doesn’t align with how I feel. I don’t miss 9/12 or 9/13 or any day immediately after. I remember being very confused by everything that was happening on TV. I remember asking my parents who would do something like this to us? Weren’t we the best country in the world? Didn’t everyone love us? I asked these questions as a child and learned the answers as I grew. I didn’t know anyone who died that day but I also don’t know anyone who wasn’t affected emotionally and mentally by it. What I primarily lost that day at far too young was the naive notion that good innocent people were safe from evil. Many died that day running into the wreckage. They ran towards the danger and gave the greatest sacrifice for strangers. I believe the purpose of my life is to live that greatest lesson my faith gave me, to lay your life down for others. To fight for people who you may never meet. I hope to fight for you.

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