People over Party

Throughout the course of this election, I’ve been asked repeatedly about my party alliance and I want to set this straight. Private citizen Josh is voting for Biden/Harris this November, but Candidate Josh can only make the case for himself. If late Congressman John McCain were still with us and running this year, I’d vote for him. To my supporters, thank you for all you do in spreading the word of change. I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from the state and local DFL but I am not a blind adherent to the national party. I can only control and account for my campaign and values and those of the candidates I meet. I ask you to vote for me and beyond that, well that’s up to you to decide. I want this same message to come from my supporters. When you tell people about me, tell them I’ll answer for everything I stand for, but please don’t leave the impression that I’m willing to defend candidates I’ve never met.
Furthermore, I won’t attack anyone.
If someone supports President Trump, okay.
If they support Vice President Biden, okay.
If they support a 3rd party candidate, okay.
I’m not running for president. I’m only in control of my actions and I’m not willing to fight someone else’s battle for them if they have more power and money than me. I’m about helping the the powerless and forgotten. Two rich powerful men from the East coast can make their own cases.

I’ll focus my efforts on you.

2 thoughts on “People over Party

  1. I am disappointed that you are voting for a presidential candidate that says he is Catholic, but is pro-abortion. A vote for Trump means that if a new Supreme Court Judge is appointed, it will not be a pro-abortion judge. I ask you as a Catholic to rethink who you are voting for this November for president. By the way, I can not vote for you because I am not in your district. I am sending this reply because this issue means so much to me. I can’t stand the thought of all those babies that are being murdered.


    1. I am also pro-life. The sad truth is that while President Trump would have that opportunity, I have zero faith he would appoint a pro-life judge. In my perspective, politicians claim to be pro-life for votes when they don’t intend to do anything. So I’d rather go with the guy who has the most values that align with mine. Republican presidents have not placed those judges on the bench since Roe V. Wade and seem to have no intention to.


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