Thoughts of the day

My number one priority is improving the quality of education in Minnesota by giving our talented teachers the funding they deserve. We have asked our teachers to do too much for too long with far too little. We cannot keep cutting education funding to pay for things we don’t need. I want to bring back the era of the voice of the people. Our national elected officials have been too focused on selfish rhetoric and empty promises. I will listen to the people and fight for the common sense they’re asking for. I’m not in this campaign for me, I’m in it for you.
The people of district 32 asked for better broadband internet and the legislature couldn’t pull through last session. We can’t get these important things done by attacking each other and breaking coalitions. We need to work together and if we cannot accomplish the easy things, why are we here?
I don’t want to focus on parties in my campaign. I respect my opponent and I will not say untrue things that would score me points with the left. The national stage of politics has grown too polarised and it’s vital to remember that both I and Senator Koran are simple public servants. We will disagree on ways to get to the same end result of a better, healthier, safer Minnesota.

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