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First Fike family vote

I have spoken to so many of you who have said “So great to meet you, I already voted for you.” It’s always nice to hear the confirmation of votes but today marked a special vote. My brother was home from SMSU for the weekend and was able to both register and vote on his…

Endorsements still rolling in!

I’m very happy to announce that along with the laborers, we are also bringing the farmers back to prominence in the Democratic-Farmer-Laborer party. Minnesota Farmer’s Union has endorsed my campaign and I’m glad to work with them. The rural communities of Minnesota will be forgotten no more.

Presidential debacle

After taking some time to process the farce of a “debate” we saw Tuesday night, I think the American public saw exactly what is wrong with politics today. Instead of policy and actual debate we saw bullying and demagoguery. I yearn for real debate and discourse. I still firmly believe this can be brought back.…

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